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Public Relations


“Sure, there is a lot of fudging, covering up and deceiving when spinning. But 

there is also a huge array of well intended practices, beliefs and conduct 

both in business and in individual life that require clear communications 

in order to highlight the truest of intentions”

Yvette Jarvis 

PR Director at media-r-simple


Communication management can make or break you.  It’s that simple.  

In a world of first impressions, image, political correctness, advocacy 

and damage control, public relations has become an extension of 

the self.  

Businesses, governments, celebrities and advocacy groups that 

participate in the public domain for the attention of the public require 

that correct public assumptions be made.  

So, let us help you tell your story.  


We offer:  Industrial Communications Management, Lifestyle Public 

Relations, Crisis Communication, Advocacy / Government Campaigning, Events Management


“Public relations are a key component of any operation in this day of instant communications 

and rightly inquisitive citizens”.

Alvan Adams

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