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Product Representation & Consulting


‘Products need markets. Markets help create products’
Good ole business common sense

Bringing a new product to market requires a market-entry strategy and a concrete 

execution plan. 

All too often, products are introduced into new markets with much excitement, high expectations and with hefty expenditures. 

What is needed is a true grass roots approach to product introduction that covers not only product market analysis but also cultural and buying trends. 

We at media-r-simple know the market, we rub elbows in it every day and we thrive on it.

We offer: Product Evaluation, Packaging Design, Display and Sales, Country wide Marketing, Sales Representation.

Special note

In addition to our services, media-r-simple has joined forces with some of the most 

well respected logistics companies that provide firms introducing new products 

the following: 

source and manufacturing, inventory management and supply chain, subsidiary start up, pre and after sales support.

As a Consulting firm we offer specialized services to our clients. 

        We are offering:
                Information Technology (IT) Consulting and
                Management Consulting 

                Marketing Consulting

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